The Magic Circle is just one of the accessories Joseph Pilates designed himself in the 1930's. As with all the props within the Pilates method, it can help create deeper connections with our center, also known as the "Powerhouse".

Using the circle, the exercises can be made either easier or more difficult, making the class both challenging and fun!

This workshop is strictly for Pilates movement professionals and serious practitioners.



Having earned a B.A. in Psychology at the American College of Grace and a diploma in Dance Therapy with France Schott - Billmann, Maro went on to receive two qualifications for teaching Hatha Yoga, with Robert Najemy in Athens, and at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta in New York. She then moved to London and studied at The Laban Center for Movement and Dance, where she met her first Pilates teacher, Susanne Lahusenand Peter Curtis. Now a firm believer in the method, she was accepted to Alan Herdman's training course in 1997 and after completion went on to set up Bodyworks West Pilates Studio in West London. She continues teaching at ALan's Studio, as well until she moved back to Greece in 2002. Opening her own studio in Isacowitz in Athens in 2008 and was fascinated by his unique approach to the method. She completed the CTTC in 2012, attended the Mentor Program twice, and finally the Master Programs, 1 and 2. she is deeply honored to be part of the ASI Faculty and believes that in training the new generation of a teacher, she is part of the evolution of the Pilates method.

Workshop  - 300 Dhs

For Professionals and Advance Practitioners

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