Challenge your stability and balance in this Foam Roller Class with Tash Bernard. She finds creative ways to incorporate the Foam Roller in exercises like the Front Support, Push Up, Leg Pull Front, and many more. You can do so many things with the Foam Roller, and this class will remind you how fun this propcan be! It will highlight your asymmetries in addition to challenging yor stability and at the end you will not only stand tall and but you will walk tall too.

Tash Bernard, an international Certified Pilates Instructor, Tash originally had aspirations of being a professional dancer, graduating with honours in the Ceccheti Ballet and IDTA Modern Dance methods in 2000. This stood her excellent stead to flow Naturally into an illustrious career in pilates; she qualified as a BASI instructor after completing her studies directly under Rael Isacowitz in 2001. Now a BASI Faculty member. Tash is extensively involved in building a strong, focused Pilates community through facilitating and teaching workshops and courses for BASI. Her energetic, patient teaching style style has seen her share her knowledge across the globe including sessions in Morocco, London, Dubai, Salzburg and Hong Kong. Tash owns and operates a highly successful studio. Tash B. Pilates out of Ballito on the North Coast of South Africa. She is also a guest teacher on Pilates anytime.

" She Loved Life and It Loved Her Right Back. "

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