Our team is made up of highly skilled, qualified and passionate trainers who have years of experience. In addition, Our team actively work in the fitness industry and ensures the latest knowledge on day to day basis.

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  • Class Booking

    Walk-ins are welcome, however to avoid disappointment, advance booking is recommended.

    Classes can be booked online through our website, in person at the reception, via telephone or through the Mind&Body app.

  • Sign-in

    New clients are required to fill in the registration form on their first visit. Please allocate 10 minutes to register prior to your class.

  • Check-in

    Please check-in at the reception before entering for your class even if you have reserved a space in advance.

  • Punctuality

    Please allow enough time to arrive and prepare yourself to start your class on time. Late arrivals, after 10 minutes from the start of the class, will not be admitted

  • Memberships

    Monthly memberships provide full access to all classes within the period of one month. Packages are available in multiple options to suit all clients’ preference, lifestyles and availability.

    Members get offers on our in-house workshops.

    All memberships and packages have expiration date.

  • Cancellation policy

    The studio adopts a 24-hour cancellation policy for all classes, private sessions and workshops. This is applicable for members, package holders and drop-ins.

  • Members No Show/Late Cancel Policy

    On the 4th No Show/Late Cancel per month, 3 days of membership will be deducted from your account; for each No Show/Late Cancel thereafter, a deduction of 3 days will apply.
    On packages a No Show/Late Cancel will result in one session deducted from your package.
  • Payment

    All classes and workshops must be paid for in advance. We accept cash and credit cards.

  • Refunds/transfers policy

    All packages and memberships have expiration dates. We do not offer any refunds or transfers to another package or client.

    Refunds are considered by management only upon presentation of a medical report explaining the necessity of classes interruption.

  • Pregnancy

    If you discover or suspect you are pregnant, please advise the studio before you commence another class; Prenatal classes offered at the studio would be a better fit for you during pregnancy.

    The remainder of your package will be held in credit and will be utilized towards your prenatal classes or towards regular classes upon your return after delivery.

  • Studio etiquette:

    Loud noise is disruptive. Please enter and exit the studios quietly as ongoing classes are taking place.
    Please clean your equipment/mat after each use; all cleaning material is provided in each studio.
    Unsupervised children are not allowed in the studio.
    Advice and guidance for yoga and Pilates classes available for all customers.
  • Others

    Mobile phones should be put on silent during the class and in the studio.

    Personal belongings can be stored in the lockers; keys are available at the reception. Please note that the studio is not responsible for any lost or missing item.

    Attire: comfortable and form fitting workout clothing is recommended. Please remove the shoes prior to entering the studios (unless requested otherwise)