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what is fitness?

When we talk about fitness, we talk  about the different components that form a fit body: strength, cardio-vascular endurance, power, flexibility, balance and coordination. 

We strongly think that being physically fit and healthy is related to lack of disease. 

The classes we offer at Exhale focus in these different aspects of fitness to shape and tone your body, with a mix of fun and serious work! 

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The HIIT is a 45 minute class that alternates high-intensity bouts of exercise with slower low intensity intervals to recover. This type of training conditions the whole body and boosts fitness, strength, stamina and overall physical functionality. It’s a wonderful way to improve cardiovascular capacity, hormonal profile and calorie burn as it has been shown to increase the V02 max, promote “lipolysis” (the technical term for fat loss), strengthen muscles, enhance the metabolic rate, and burn A LOT of calories. During intense bouts participants will complete a structural and compound series of exercises with little rest periods in between; and during low intensity exercises, they will focus on steady cardio sequences.


Latino Cardio

Lose weight the Latin way! Let the rhythm of Latin music shake your hips and burn unwanted calories with this fun workout dance class. This class attends to all levels.


Ballet Barre

A class full of body toning workout that fuses the best elements of ballet, Pilates, sports conditioning and stretching for a truly unique and fun experience. The class involves simplified but strong ballet moves to upbeat and sometimes classical music. The workout is based around the Barre but we also use light weights and Pilates soft balls. All the moves are designed to sculpt the lower body, abdominals and arms with an invigorating final stretch.



A fusion of Latin dance steps suffused with modern hip-hop and South America music makes this calorie-burning class a great way to lose weight and get fit all at the same time. Open to all levels. 



This class focuses on toning and slimming away all the unwanted excess and challenges specific areas of the body with targeted exercises that will make your body burn. Open to all levels


Legs, Bums, and Tums

This is a Medium impact class that concentrates on all the problem areas conditioning and toning using free weights, fit balls and resistance bands. Level: All levels , Benefits: Toning and firming


Mats and Props

This class introduces new students to the Pilates concepts and principles of breath, centering, control, precision and flowing movement, all essentials of the Pilates practice. The class will flow slowly with more time and care taken to explain each exercise.

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