Chandnee was born in the city of Bollywood, Mumbai India. Chandnee started practicing Yoga at a very young age and has been committed to Yoga for over 8 years now. A theater actor turned Yoga teacher, Chandnee has been teaching professionally for 5 years and feels Yoga is the best investment she has made. 

She believes Yoga is much more than just the asanas- "It's about how well you connect with yourself and how often you do that." 

She's not only been traveling and teaching across India but has also conducted various yoga workshops  in China, Taiwan, Nepal and is currently teaching full time in Dubai. 

Being a Marathon Runner, she loves conducting Yoga Bootcamps and Yoga workshops for Fitness enthusiasts. She maintains a percent balance of intense and dynamic yoga workouts coupled with soothing Pranayama and Meditation sessions.


"It's not only how you spend that one hour on the Yoga mat. It's also about how you spend the rest of your 23", Is what she strongly believes in. She also believes that a balance of yogic diet, shuddhi kriyas and observing mindful silence is necessary for all, in today's stressful lifestyle.


Chandnee is also an attuned Reiki Master Practitioner and believes in spreading positivity through her Yoga sessions. She supports students of every background, helping them find greater depth, awareness and wellbeing in their practice and their lives through Yoga.